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DIY Bath Bomb Maker Deluxe

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Make bath time fun and creative with our DIY Bath Bomb Maker Deluxe! It comes with six unique molds – boat, cloud, alien, frog, owl and ghost. ,are one of each, or double up on your favorites!

It’s easy to use, too: just mix, add a little water, and create your own preservative-free, vegan, and cruelty-free bath bombs!

It not only adds color to their daily routine but also provides hydration thanks to:
- sweet almond oil
- sunflower oil
- contains vitamin E
- lightly scented

This DIY kit is perfect for kids aged 7 and over.
Made in Europe.

This super DIY kit contains:
- 3x2 moulds (6 shapes)
- 1 pipette
- 3 coloured bags of sodium bicarbonate (blue, yellow, pink)
- 3 citric acid bags

Recycled and recyclable plastic molds, made in France. You can also use them for other non-food modeling activities.


Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are biodegradable and non toxic. Sodium bicarbonate has been in the cosmetic spotlight for a while now (because it’s worth it) and its natural fellow citric acid can be found in many veggies such as lemon. All in all a pleasant company for kids’s sensitive skin.