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UNI Basketball

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The UNI basketball represents Unity.  We're better united than divided, and have seen what's possible when we come together 🌎


  • Awesome marbled design with shades of teal, black, yellow and pink.
  • Excellent performance for outdoor play
  • Premium rubber material provides a cushioned touch and durability on any outdoor court
  • Aggressive pebble pattern and deep channels for ultimate grip and control
  • Butyl bladder locks in air for optimal ball pressure and shape retention for a consistent bounce throughout your game
  • Uses: Practice, playground, outdoor courts, black-top courts
  • Size 7 Basketball. 29.5" diameter.

About Chance: Spreading positivity, one ball at a time. Sports are a great tool for Change. We want to make sure that change is a positive one. Chance is focused on spreading positivity through the love of the game, and strives to inspire, encourage growth and bring communities together. To do this, we freshened the narrative around sports and created bold and vibrant products that represent the player.