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10 Felt Tip Brush Pens | Sweet

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A set of 10 double-ended felt tips in sweet hues of pink, red and purple (plus turquoise for good measure).

Cleverly designed, each pen has a fine end and a brush end for variable width strokes. High-quality fine arts materials to enable artists of all ages to create beautiful works of art however they choose.

  • Double-ended felt tips: 1 brush end for filling in large areas and 1 fine end for detail.
  • Fine arts-grade materials.
  • Washable ink.

Contents: 10 double-ended felt tips (fine and brush ends): burgundy, plum, red, vermilion, dark pink, light pink, antique pink, peach, turquoise and light purple.
Measurements: 0.59 x 6.5 x 7.48
Recommended for ages 6 +