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Mighty Fun!

Airo Rocket™ - 20" Inflatable Rocket

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The Airo Rocket™ is the ultimate high performance, hand launched inflatable rocket.

The Airo Rocket, inflates in seconds, features a large soft nose cone & light aerodynamic rocket body.

To launch, attach the rocket to the launcher, pull back, countdown from ten (optional), and let ‘er fly! This giant rocket soars through the air and is ready to do it again and again.

Constructed in a durable ripstop nylon outer shell with a tough polyurethane (PU) bladder, every part of this rocket is designed for maximum flight. Whether you’re chasing maximum heights of over 150 feet or playing catch with a friend, launching the Airo Rocket is a blast!

  • Ages: 6+
  • Includes: The Airo Rocket™ 20" inflatable rocket, launcher and on-the-go travel bag in a beautiful color box. 
  • Makes a great gift!