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House of Marbles

All About Marbles Booklet

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All About Marbles is a fabulous pocket booklet from the awesome House of Marbles with everything you need to know about... you guessed it... marbles!

This 16-page marble booklet contains a little bit about the history of marbles and then focuses on the games you can play with marbles together with some uses of marbles. Topics include: what marbles are, the development and history, common names of the different variety of marbles, how to shoot and tons of games to play with them.

Perfect pocket size to take to school and wow your friends!


  • Learn all about marbles and games to play with them.
  • A great on-the-go guide for aspiring marble fans and veteran shooters alike!
  • Booklet measures approx. 4.3 x 3.9 inches.