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All The Animals: How to Draw Book for Kids

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Perfect for teaching your child creative play, or for encouraging a little artist to develop their skills!

In All the Animals, Alli Koch teaches your child how to draw all their favorite animals through easy-to-follow instructions. 

Includes 40+ projects for your kiddo to complete. This simple how-to-draw book truly incorporates ‘all the animals’ as drawing designs range from farm animals to forest critters, jungle beasts, and sea creatures. The wide array of projects partnered with easy step-by-step instructions ensure hours of creative fun for your little one!

Designed for kids ages 7-12, but if your child already has a knack for artistry, they can pick up on the simplicity of these steps as early as 5 years old!

This Ultimate Kid-Friendly drawing book features:
• Lay Flat Binding - to create the perfect surface for your tiny Van Gogh.
• Perforated Pages - to take on the go or hang on the fridge.
• Large Pages - 9 x 9 page dimensions so your kiddo can see each step and have optimal drawing space.