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Nolja Play

All the Feels Puzzle | 36 XL Pieces

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Wow, there are so many feelings! And guess what, it’s alright to be “curious” about them all. So don’t be “nervous” and let’s put this puzzle together! You’ll feel “happy” when it’s complete.

  • PIECES: 36 large pieces, sized just right for small hands
  • FINISHED SIZE: 25 x 18 Inches


  • Educational write-up: Embark on a delightful and age-appropriate exploration of feelings with this Nolja insert sheet. This engaging resource is designed to spark conversations that nurture emotional intelligence in young children. Through fun and relatable examples, we'll help your little ones develop a healthy understanding and expression of their emotions. Let's dive in and empower young hearts to embrace their feelings with joy and confidence!
  • MEET THE ARTIST: Elliot Kruszynski is a London-based illustrator, who turns the everyday and mundane into fun and joy. He loves drawing all animals, but especially cats and worms.