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Dino Foil Pictures

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Djeco Jurassic Foil Pictures includes 4 designs for your dino-lover to decorate with metal foil. The boards are color-coded, so the child matches the colors to the areas to be covered with foil. Using the tool, he removes the protective film from the pre-glued surface and applies the metal foil. The material sticks as if by magic and the paintings light up.

Djeco craft kits are beautifully designed and made with high quality materials. The final projects are something to be proud of! Craft projects are a great way for children to strengthen fine motor skills.

• The paintings light up with metallic reflections.
• A clever tool designed by Djeco to peel away the protective paper and reveal the pre-glued areas.
• 1 storage box with elastic closure to store the supplies once the activity is over.
• An instruction booklet details the activity step by step.

Contents: 4 illustrated and pre-glued cards (5.91" x 8.27" ), 15 metal foil sheets to affix (gold, blue, violet, green, bronze, purple, garnet), 1 plastic tool to reveal the sticky surfaces, 1 explanatory leaflet with step-by-step color explanations.

Measurements: 5.91" x 8.27"
Recommended for ages 6-10 years
Design by: Brad Woodard