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DouZanimo Game

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A tremendous game of hide-and-seek is underway. Team up with the zebra, the gazelle, the giraffe, and the frog to find everyone.

  • It’s a game of hide and seek to find all your favourite animals
  • You’ve teamed up with a zebra, gazelle, frog and giraffe to find and complete each animal face but will your memory be good enough to help them in their search?
  • A game of memory and teamwork for 2 to 4 players, average playing time 15 minutes which can also be adapted to different levels of skill.
  • Contents: 12 animal tiles made up of 3 parts (1 large central tile and 2 small ones), 4 tokens (zebra, gazelle, giraffe and frog). Game rules in 10 languages.
  • Game Author Sébastien Decad, Designed by Kate Maclelland

Age: 5 to 10 years

  • Height : 21.5 cm, Width : 10.5 cm, Depth : 4 cm