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Block Design

Gradient Solitaire

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Embrace color theory whilst honing your problem solving skills with this classic game of solitaire.

Our beautiful wooden solitaire balls are painted in a palette of 33 selected from the color wheel. You can use the color wheel formation as a starting point for your game of solitaire, or you can make the palette your own before you start your game.

As the game rolls out, enjoy watching how the colors interact and relate to each other. Each balls fits neatly into the central grid, with an indented border circling the base for the wooden balls not in play.

A cotton pouch is provided for the colored wooden balls to keep the them safely stored until it's time for another game.


diameter 200 x 18 mm
diameter 7.8 x 0.7 inches

Solitaire instructions
1. To start, remove the central spare ball so you have a blank hole.
2. The aim of the game is to be left with a single ball in play.
3. Move one ball over another into an empty hole, removing the ball you have jumped over and placing in the space circling the board.
4. Balls can move up, down, left or right but not diagonally.
5. Keep going until there is only one ball left.
6. The game is over if no more jumps are possible.