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Little Luminaries

I Can Be Anything - Kids Animal Affirmation Cards

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The I Can Be Anything deck is a flexible, factual, and fun journey of discovery that meets your little one exactly where they are!

The deck includes 45 positive affirmation cards, each featuring a unique affirmation and a gorgeous animal illustration. The included Discovery book supports your little one's learning style through three sections; Story, Play, and Learn, providing visual, auditory and hands-on approaches with engaging activities and fascinating information about each card and animal. 

Your kiddo can pull a card in the morning to set a positive intention, at night while reflecting on their day, or any time in between!

PLAY is POWERFUL! I Can Be Anything's combination of words and imagery is a science-backed technique to help your little one remember what they learn while they're having fun. 

Plus, everything in the affirmation cards deck is printed on environmentally friendly, socially responsible FSC Certified paper to honor the habitats of animals we love.

  • Box Dimensions: 16cm x 11cm x 4cm
  • Cards: 45 cards, each 10cm x 14 3/4cm
  • Book: 156 pages,  10cm x 14 3/4cm
  • Weight: 1lb 1oz