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No Wrong Answers

No Wrong Answers

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The best-selling original No Wrong Answers conversation cards single-handedly put an end to awkward small talk everywhere. That’s it! It’s over! You’re welcome, folks! Only fun conversations and laughter from here on out. 

Perfect for:

  • Happy hours where no one wants to talk
  • Family gatherings
  • Work events
  • First dates (because you can only talk about TV shows for so long)

Featuring 73 conversation prompts to get you talking and laughing about questions you never thought to ask.

Some sample questions:

  • Well it finally happened, you're the Piano Man. Which song are you singing us tonight?
  • Which cereal mascot would be the best kisser?
  • You just got accepted to Hogwarts! Why are you immediately expelled?

No Wrong Answers is recommended for all folks ages 12+