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Nymphea Multi-Activity Craft Kit

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This is a comprehensive set offering 5 crafting activities to make 12 fun creations:
- 2 tiaras to be decorated using self-adhesive gemstones and sparkly foam stickers
- 2 magic wands to create with decals, stickers and ribbons
- 2 jewelry sets to create by threading the elastic according to the numbers shown on the back of the pieces
- 1 jewelry box to be decorated using gemstone and sparkly foam stickers for storing the 6 paper charms made
- 1 pretty mirror to be enhanced, layer by layer, with paper decorations offering it a lovely 3D effect

• 5 activities to discover with 12 items to make, for hours of creation and fun.
• Solo or shared activities.
• All the materials are included and the details are premium (sparkles, metal, etc.).
• Step-by-step instructions are provided for each of the 5 activities.Contents:
• 2 tiaras to be decorated with 3 sheets of sparkly foam stickers and 2 sheets of “gemstone” stickers.
• 2 sets of jewelry to make with 2 sheets of reinforced laminated paper parts and 2 sets of colored elastic cords.
• 1 jewelry box to be decorated with “gemstone” stickers and sparkly foam stickers (3 colors).
• 1 hand mirror to be decorated with 50 illustrated pieces made of strong laminated paper, to be stuck on using double-sided thick foam adhesives that create a special 3D effect.
• 2 magic wands to create using 2 sturdy card supports to be embellished with decals, 2 sheets of illustrated stickers, 2 wooden rods and 2 organza ribbons.
• 1 set of instructions for each activity.

Measurements: 2.76 x 13.39 x 10.63
Design by: Kendra Binney, United States
Recommended for ages 5 years +