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Persimmon & Chestnut Candle

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A gorgeous ribbed, frosted glass vessel with a gold rim holds this lovely holiday scented candle. 

  • 12oz, 340g
  • Persimmon & Chestnut Scent

Buttery roasted chestnuts warmed with cinnamon bark, cloves, and nutmeg; fruity top notes add sweetness to this warm, comfy fragrance; we work with perfumers to source nature's finest ingredients, creating high-quality, earth-friendly candles that tell a special fragrance story to fit your mood.

Clean Burn: Carefully hand poured at Paddywax’s Nashville factory, this 12-ounce glass vessel is filled with our Persimmon & Chestnut scent; soy-blend wax and cotton wick helps your candle burn beautifully; trim wick before a new burn for a contained flame and even burn.