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POWERUP® Paper Airplane Book

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Softcover book with tutorials and 10 designs for POWERUP 4.0,3.0 & 2.0 modules. 

Build the best paper airplane, fly it faster and longer with this incredible POWERUP-certified powered airplane companion.

  • EASY FLIGHT - A 59 page book that shows you the ins and outs of proper paper airplane flight.
  • 10 PLANES - Top design instructions are laid out with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • ALL SKILL LEVELS - An interesting gift for a novice or hobbyist alike, this book is full of paper airplane insights.
  • STEM EDUCATION - Prepare lesson plans or simply enjoy new experiences as kids learn about lift, drag, downward force, and all other aspects of paper airplane science. 
  • Designer & Illustrator: Kyle Boyer of Foldable flight
  • English
  • Recommended Age 14+.