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Recycling Truck

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An attractive wooden garbage truck to give your child a fun way to learn about ecology and recycling from an early age!

This truck comes with a magnetic bin at the back, which tips up and opens so it can be emptied inside, just like a real one! The truck has rubber wheels, which are perfectly silent.

Perfect for developing fine motor skills and imagination.

  • Toy made from solid FSC TM wood and water-based paint.
  • Early-learning toy for children from the age of 2 years.

Bolid is the Janod vehicle collection! The range has been designed for little ones aged 2 and over, plus comprises high-quality materials to ensure that all Bolid toys are truly solid! With these all-terrain vehicles, firmly planted on their rubber wheels, your child will be able to enjoy many hours of play in the sand, garden, or bedroom.