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Shivers Origami Paper Craft Kit

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Thrills are guaranteed with this origami set whose characters, once folded, glow in the dark thanks to the fluorescent ink! Following the instructions in the booklet and the marked lines, children fold the sheets to make 24 characters from a haunted house. To play at having a fright!

• The fluorescent ink lights up the characters in the dark!
• Easy: the folding lines are marked on the sheets.
• An explanatory booklet details the activity step by step.
• An activity to do alone or to share with friends.

Contents: 24 fluorescent sheets (7.87" x 7.87"), 1 booklet with step-by-step explanations in color.

Measurements: 7.87" x 7.87"
Recommended for ages 5-8 years
Design by: Regis Lejonc