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Splash Diving Incense Set | Aqua

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Splash Diving, with Aqua Fragrance and sage green colored incense sticks.

Experience the essence of tradition with Collins Incense Sticks, a true embodiment of Korean incense craftsmanship.

Distinguished from common incense sticks, Collins Incense is meticulously created using the traditional Korean "Sun-hyang" technique, foregoing the use of a bamboo core. Through this process, wood and oil are skillfully transformed into noodle-like strands, meticulously dried to perfection. Embracing this ancient manufacturing method significantly reduces the reliance on synthetic materials, with 94% natural ingredients ensuring a healthier and delicately scented product.

Every Collins Incense Stick is meticulously handcrafted by a renowned master craftsman with over 25 years of expertise, promising an immersive sensory journey like no other.

-Sticks: 70

-Burn time: 15-20 min