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The Manhattan Toy Company

Whistlepop Colorpop

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Sure to be a baby favorite for grasping, shaking, teething, and rolling. The easy-to-grasp and colored flexible tubes capture the attention of babies and caregivers, but there’s more to this brightly designed ball than meets the eye. A little shake of this colorful baby toy reveals a soft whistling sound and clacking of the hard plastic rings surrounding the center rod.

Whistleball Colorpop exploration supports:

  • Fine motor development through grasping.
  • Gross motor development through shaking, rolling, and bringing to mouth and center of body.
  • Teething and taste exploration.
  • Cause-and-effect learning through rattling, whistling, and the bending of flexible tubes.
  • Auditory stimulation.
  • Visual tracking by encouraging baby to follow the moving toy.


  • Ages 0 months+
  • Measures 4.25L x 4.25H x 4.25W in
  • Measures 10.8L x 10.8H x 10.8W cm
  • Does not contain BPA or PVC and meets the CPSC and European phthalate requirements.
  • This product meets or exceeds EN71 and CPSIA safety regulations.

Care Instructions:

    Surface wash only with baby-safe wipes or a warm soapy cloth followed by a damp clean cloth - air dry. Do not submerge in water. Do not place in a sterilizer or dishwasher.