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Nolja Play

Wonderful World Puzzle | 100 Large Pieces

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Wow, our world is pretty big. So big, it could take you a long time to visit all the amazing places. What won’t take you that long is to explore them all with this puzzle. Your adventure starts when you open the box!

  • PIECES: 100 large pieces.
  • AGES: 5+
  • FINISHED SIZE: 27 x 19 inches


  • NOLJA FUN FACTS: Get ready for a tour of fascinating countries from around the globe with Nolja's fun-filled facts. Explore the rich diversity, unique traditions, and hidden wonders of various nations. Let's dive into this global adventure and expand our horizons together!
  • SKILLS: This puzzle encourages learning through play, discovery and interactive storytelling. It's a fun way to develop problem-solving skills while improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • MEET THE ARTIST:Allison Kerek Williams has been drawing across the USA her entire life. She grew up on the East Coast, spent summers on the West Coast, and currently lives in Kansas City, Kansas.