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Zig & Go 45 pc Chain Reaction Construction Set

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Presenting Zig & Go, a wooden building game of chain reactions requiring careful thinking. Children can copy the 3 designs in the instructions booklet to build courses, or make up their own - the possibilities are endless! This game is designed for ages 7 and over, and all the kits in the collection are compatible, for ever more inventive action-reaction courses!

  • Construction game: children will need to use skill to position the pieces to make a course.
  • Chain reaction game: children get to learn about the ingenuity and magic of chains of movement!
  • Thinking game: children need to think about how fast pieces will move - which depends on the weight - and gauge the distances between them.
  • Step-by-step instructions for 3 designs are provided to help children build their courses.
  • Video accessible via a QR code.
  • Invent endless courses for hours of fun!
  • Play alone or with others.
  • Premium, colorful wooden pieces.
  • Contents: One 45-piece wooden building game with 5 metal marbles. One 24-page instructions booklet.

Recommended for ages 8-99 years Design by: Jean Rene Menard